History Of The Academy

In 2016, Kyiv Academy Circus And Variety Arts, the only in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, a unique University, which trains variety and circus artists, the leading specialized higher education INSTITUTION of international scale, its graduates bringing fame to the Ukrainian and world circus and becoming the stars of Russian and foreign stars, marks 55 years since the Foundation.

During this time the Academy has come a long way from becoming the Republican Studio of variety and circus arts, which was based in Kyiv Circus, later converted into a public school, then at the Kyiv College of circus and variety arts, and finally, in 2008, receiving its current status - the municipal Academy.

In August 1961 by Order of the Minister of culture of the USSR when Ukrconcert was created by the national Studio of circus and variety arts, which is located in the premises of the newly opened Kiev circus. To the creation of the institution was joined by Director and artistic Director of the touring-concert Association "Ukrconcert" by L. Bohdanodych, people's artists of the USSR Yuri Timoshenko and Efim Berezin, honored artist of USSR K. Janicki, people artist of Ukraine Boris Zayetz. Hare, honored artists of the Ukrainian SSR brothers Yalovi and R. Ivitzkyi and P. Kiselev. Training in the Studio lasted for two years, there were four departments: circus, spoken, vocal and choreographic. In addition to specializing students studied acting and stage speech, history of theatre, circus and music, makeup, choreography, stage movement and fencing, piano, music theory, music literature and other disciplines. Classes were held on the same floor as rehearsal audiences of Ukrconcert, which consisted of about three hundred of the best artists of Ukraine, so students from the first day of training was immersed in the professional atmosphere of a variety life. Among the graduates of the Studios of those times, there were seventy laureates and winners of nationwide competitions.

The Kyiv state school of circus and variety arts was based at the Studios in 1975. The first Director of the School became Nina Solodinina. The new institution was established two branches: a circus, where the training of artists of different circus genres, and variety, where trained artists conversational genre, choreography, pop vocal and creative genres. The training period has been increased to four years. Through the overhaul of the Kiev circus, since 1988, the institution ten years had no permanent premises. Classes with students were held in the Central club of the armed forces of Ukraine, in the Central Palace of children's creativity in the organization "Circus on stage" at the Palace of culture of civil aviation University, in Theatre on Podol and in Theatre of Drama and Comedy on the Left Bank.

In 1999, the College was transformed into Kyiv state College of circus and variety arts. The College became part of the established in the same year, an educational complex along with the National musical Academy of Ukraine named Petr Tchaikovsky Kyiv state Institute of theatrical art named. I. K. Karpenko-Kary (now - Kyiv national University of theatre, cinema and television named I. K. Karpenko-Kary). The same year the College became a full member of the International Association of Supreme circus schools and a member of its Presidium and received its own first premises at 2, Velyka Zhytomyrska str, and from 2002 moved to the four-story building at 88, Zhilyanskaya str. College prepared professional artists in 12 specializations: circus acrobatics, circus gymnastics, tightrope walking, juggling, clowning, musical clowning, pantomime, illusion and manipulation variety singing, variety dancing, spoken genres of pop and "puppets on stage". Since 1999 in the cultural life of Kiev have entered the annual graduation show of College.

2007 year the College was reorganized into Kyiv Academy Circus And Variety Arts. Since 2011, the Kyiv municipal Academy of circus and variety arts successfully headed by the Honored worker of arts of Ukraine, candidate arts, professor Vladislav Kornienko. Over the past five years, the Academy received the status of a higher educational institution, was opened by the magistracy and in the correspondence Department, training of foreign students. This year, the Academy works with the National circus of Ukraine, and it is an integral part of both institutions annually organizes and conducts Gala shows of the graduates of the Academy.

Among the achievements of Academy graduates – about 30 medals at the International circus festival in Paris "Cirque du Demain", 8 medals at the "International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo, victories and prizes of the leading circus festivals in China, USA, Germany, Hungary and other countries. The Grand Prix and prizes in song festivals BENGIO Festival in Italy, "Slavianski Bazaar" in Vitebsk, International contest "New wave" in Jurmala and "Black Sea games". Graduates of the Academy have repeatedly represented Ukraine at the Song Contest "Eurovision". Decisive for the Kyiv Academy Circus And Variety Arts was 2013: its graduates have received at the International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo from gold, silver and bronze, and thus Ukraine is automatically entered into Top three circus states of the world.

Academy is proud of its graduates, is famous not only in Ukraine, but all over the world. In the genre of illusion and manipulation: Evgeny Voronin, Galina Strutinskaya-Hayes, Victor Voytko, Vitaly Gorbachevsky, Vlad Krivonogov. In the genre of clowning: Semen Shuster theatre "Mimikrichi", comic trio "Eki-Voki", Clown syndicate "Art-Obstrel". In the genres of juggling and acrobatics: Yuriy Pozdnyakov, Victor Kiktev, Anatoly Zalevsky, Stanislav Samarin, Evgeniy Pimonenko, Yuri Shavro and Diana Aleshchenko, Eric Palchikov, Denis Tolstov, brothers Grinchenko, Irina Pitzur, Natalia Vasilyuk, brothers Irosnikov, Dmitry Bulkin, Aleksandr Koblikov and circus theatre "Bingo"; in the genre of choreography: the ballet "Freedom" and the ballet "A6". In a talking genre of variety: Anatoly Litvinov, Ilya Noyabriov, Matvey Ganapolskiy, Klara Novikova, Aleksandr Tsekalo, Vladimir Danilets and Vladimir Moiseenko, Andrey Danilko. In the genre of pop vocal: Nikolay Mozgovoy, Natalya Koroleva, Natalia Mogilevskaya, Svetlana Loboda, Anna and Angelina Zavalsky (the Duo "Alibi"), Mika Newton, Max Barsky and many others.